About Us


My name is Stephanie Fox.  Prior to becoming a Mom, I was the Toddler Buyer for a large department store located in Atlanta, Georgia.  I LOVED my job.  When I was pregnant with my first cub, we decided that two traveling parents would not work for us, so I stayed home.  I LOVED being a  Mom.  Now that I have moved my last cub from the den to the dorm,  I am ready to get back to my first love, dressing children in colorful, unique and beautiful clothing.  I have spent hours scouring the internet, the Atlanta America's Mart and overseas markets to save you time, because let's face it, parents are always short on time!

Many of the designers have wonderful stories of their creative process, desire to be kind to this planet, and giving back.  

Several of our items are made by hand not only here in the US, but around the world.    I have personally sampled each item for quality.  Often we are able to fulfill requests for other sizes, please contact us if you see something you would like in a size not offered on our site.  

Our assortment includes items for those occasions you want your child to look just as sweet as they are,  or the times you just want  that sassy side to shine.

We want your child to be just as unique on the outside as he/she is on the inside.

I hope you like what you see.  Please feel free to contact me with any feedback on our website or categories you feel we are missing.

Enjoy your Little ones,