La Petite Alice Unisex Fox Embroidered Overalls

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Crafted from certified organic linen in Lithuania by La Petite Alice, this unisex jumpsuit is the definition of comfort.  Large front pocket for storing all of those treasures you and your toddler gather while out on a adventure.  

Easy on/off with simple coconut buttons on the shoulders.  

Prior to embroidery, all items are washed with a non-toxic, non-petroleum based biodegradable detergent.   

Linen is long lasting making it possible to pass along to the next child or generation.

Designer Justina and her team strive to be a zero waste business.  

Every item is made from start to finish by hand with love.


Size 2-3.....Height 38.5 inches

Size 3-4.....Height 41 inches

Size 4-5.....Height 43 inches


Machine wash , tumble dry low.