Linen Special Occasion 3 Piece Short Set

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This three piece linen set by Canadian designer Mablelretro is perfect for special occasions.  The set includes a crisp dress shirt made of a cotton blend that is a perfect light weight, but heavy enough that it holds its shape.  The natural color linen shortalls are fully lined.   The adjustable suspender straps have a small loop in the back to help keep them in place.  Perfect for a toddler on the go.  The bow tie has an elastic adjustable band allowing for future use as your child grows.  



2 Years..... Height 34-36 inches/87-92 cm, Weight 25-33 lbs /11.3-15 kg

3 Years..... Height 37-39 inches 93-98 cm, Weight 34-40 lbs / 15.4-18 kg

4 Years.....Height - 41-43 inches/104-110cm, Waist - 23 inches/58 cm